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You Can Turn an Ordinary Bike into An Electric One for Covering 48km by Replacing the Bicycle Wheel

Do you like riding? At dusk in summer, you ride a bike, carrying your girlfriend while enjoying the pleasant breeze. 

However, sometimes, you feel that your girlfriend is too heavy, and your legs can't move anymore, especially when going uphills. At that time, you are too exhausted to take pleasure in cycling. 

A kind of electric bike wheel named UrbanX is being crowdfunded, which can turn your bike into an electric bike so that you won't be tired of a long cycling trip. 

The design of UrbanX is simple - a motor is added to the middle of the wheel. You only need to take off the front wheel of your bike and install UrbanX. 

Then, attach the blue battery to the wheel, and install the throttle to control the cycling mode on the handle. Finally, you should connect the wheel and the throttle for control. 

Because the wheel that you need to replace is the front wheel, both the pedal and the rear wheel won't be affected. UrbanX offers three cycling modes, so you can ride and hang around as you like. 

In the Pure Electric mode, your bike will be the same as an ordinary electric vehicle - turn the handle, and it will advance fast. The other two modes are Pedal Assist mode and Pure Manpower mode. In the Pure Manpower mode, even if the wheel runs out of battery, you can ride the bike as an ordinary one.

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