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30A Brushless ESC RC Parts
30A Brushless ESC RC Parts
30A Brushless ESC RC Parts
30A Brushless ESC RC Parts

30A Brushless ESC RC Parts - Yellow 30A does not weld plugs

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Yellow 30A does not weld plugs
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Reviews (2)

Apr 03,2019
Good cheap esc. Hope it works fine with my quad setup with a 3s lipo. Arrived fast and the price was decent
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Product specification
Output capacity: continuous current 30A, short current 40A (not less than 10 seconds);
2 power input: 5.6v -- 16.8v (2-3 lithium batteries or 5-12 nickel-metal hydride/nickel-cadmium batteries);
Bec output: linear voltage stabilization mode, 2A
High speed: 210,000 RPM for 2-pole motors, 70,000 RPM for 6-pole motors, 35,000 RPM for 12-pole motors;
Size: 45mm*24mm*11mm
Weight: 25g
Product features
1. Safe power on function: when the power is switched on, the motor will not be started immediately no matter the throttle rocker is in any position to avoid personal injury;
2. Throttle stroke adjustment function: suitable for different remote control oil
The difference of door stroke, improve the linearity of throttle response, with smooth, delicate speed control feel and speed control linearity;
3. Program setting project:
Brake setting: no brake/with brake, factory default value is no brake.
Battery type: li-xx (lithium battery)/ni-xx (nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride), the default value is li-xx (lithium battery).
Low voltage protection mode: power down/off output, default value is power down.
Low voltage protection threshold: low/medium/high. The default value is medium cut-off voltage.
When li-xx battery is set to be used, the number of lithium batteries will be automatically determined. Under low/medium/high conditions, the cut-off voltage of each battery is 2.6v, 2.85v and 3.1v respectively.
When the setting is ni-xx battery, the voltage of the battery pack will be automatically detected when the power is switched on. In low/medium/high cases, the cut-off voltage is 0%, 45% and 60% of the input voltage at startup (0% means no low-voltage protection).
Startup mode: normal/soft/super soft startup, default is normal startup.
Normal start applies to fixed wing, can start motor quickly in 0.2 seconds
Soft start/super soft start for helicopter; The initial speed of soft start and super soft start is relatively low, and it takes 1 second and 2 seconds from start to full speed respectively. However, if the throttle is turned off after start and the engine is started again within 3 seconds, the engine will be started in normal mode, so as to avoid falling down due to slow reaction during some stunt actions.
Advance Angle: low/medium/high, the default value is the advance Angle.
Generally, low inlet Angle can accommodate more motors, but in order to improve efficiency, it is recommended to use low inlet Angle for 2-pole motors and medium inlet Angle for motors with more than 6-pole. To increase the speed, the inlet Angle can be set as the high inlet Angle. After improving the Angle setting, test on the ground before flying.
Restore factory defaults
4. Comprehensive protection function:
Undervoltage protection: set by the user through the program;
Overvoltage protection: if the input voltage exceeds 18 volts, it will not be started. Automatic protection will be provided, and a rapid "beep" warning sound will be issued at the same time.
Overheating protection: built-in temperature detection circuit, MOS tube temperature is too high when the power switch off automatically;
Remote control signal loss protection: after the remote control signal is lost for 1 second, the power will be reduced; if there is no remote control signal for 2 seconds, the output will be closed;
Process characteristics
1. The power input adopts ultra-low impedance and large-capacity electrolytic capacitor, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability;
2. The output MOSFET power tube is equipped with an independent radiator to reduce the device temperature rise and improve the system's ability to work with large current;
3. Single chip microcomputer control;
4. The microcontroller adopts an independent voltage stabilizing chip to avoid power supply interference caused by BEC load changes and improve the working stability of the microcontroller.


Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 0.0250 kg
Package weight: 0.0350 kg

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x ESC

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30A Brushless ESC RC Parts



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Apr 03,2019
Good cheap esc. Hope it works fine with my quad setup with a 3s lipo. Arrived fast and the price was decent
Jan 15,2019
Брал для стационарной установки, габариты и вес не имели значения, по этому взял самые дешёвые. Пришли в рабочем состояние.
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