Creality was established in China. As an excellent brand, Creality focuses on Industrial & Scientific, offering the best products. Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have been sold exceptionally well around the world. We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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4.8 out of 5

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I bought this printer to make parts for my rc car, but once i saw how amazing the printer printed i decided to test and print other things like this soap holder, and the prince symbol for my best friend. It printed so flawless He didnt believe me that it was 3d printed. I couldn’t ask for a better printer then this. I contacted creality just to see how long it would take to get back to me if i ever had a problem. I was amazed when they got back to me within 24 hours. Best product and service you could ever ask for. If you are looking for a 3d printer and a company that will have your back, go with creality. This printer it comes with an sd card, the usb reader, usb cable and an extra extruder nozzle.
La calidad, diseño, ensamble dimensiones de esta impresora la hacen sobresalir de sus competidores ya que a comparación de otras es una impresora muy silenciosa, la cama magnética es una maravilla. <br><br>El diseño minimalista hacen que se una de las mejores opciones si no cuentas con un espacio amplio donde colocarla, el marco de aluminio le da una rigidez con la que la calidad de impresión no se ve afectada. No requiere de gran cantidad de mejoras, con un par de ellas la impresora que increíble.<br><br>El embalaje también es impecable, todo llegó muy bien protegido y al momento de ensamblar fue cuestión de 30 min. algo realmente rápido. <br><br>La recomiendo ampliamente
Esta classificação deve-se a ter sido induzido em erro pela Gearbest. Não digo que tenha sido intencional mas ao escolher este artigo na minha língua ( português ) era a CR-10S tanto que na encomenda estava tudo correcto ( CR-10S ) até receber em casa a CR-10.<br>O problema foi resolvido pacificamente com um reembolso monetário. Como sempre a gearbest protege o cliente. Este problema em nada interfere com a minha preferência pela Gearbest.<br>A impressora para o preço é exelente. Após 1 hora de abrir a encomenda já estava a imprimir com qualidade.
I was looking to replace my damaged hot end fan, But decided to get my hands on another nozzle and fan assembly.<br>I made the right choice,<br>This hot end is great and holds steady at 250 degrees pumping out 300mm/s.<br>I found the part fan to be quieter than my original one, however the nozzle cooling fan was about the same.<br>Highly recommend this for replacement, or even a cheaper way of gathering parts for dual extrusion.
Standard build volume that dwarfs most printers<br>Easy assembly<br>Simple design & few moving parts are easy to troubleshoot<br>Large prints make for impressive fun<br>Comfortable with fine detail<br>Removable glass print bed<br>Go-faster stripes<br>A lot of bang for your budget buck<br>Intuitive control box
Heute nach 15 Werktagen das Teil unversehrt mit DHL bekommen. Alles bestens. Hatte natürlich erst Bedenken es in China für 555,-Euro inclusive. allem zu bestellen. War aber eine gute Entscheidung. Die beiden Musterdateien auf der mitgelieferten Speicherkarte habe ich problemlos drucken können. Alles weitere wird sich zeigen. Ich für mich würde wieder bei Gearbest bestellen. Viel Spaß Euch
this is my first 3d printer and I am extremely pleased with it, i model on Fusion 360 and slice with Cura and all of my models come out with fantastic detail. the build area is massive compared to a lot of printers in this price range
If you are looking for the perfect 3D printer right out of the box with quick start up then this is the printer for you. Extremely happy with this printer! Extremely sturdy, well designed and prints great!
The machine is just okay if you can level the bed.<br>Be prepare to level the bed all the time. I mean few times each print.
This printer features a large bed and is very reliable. It's reliable because of it's simple design. But it still provides excellent quality prints.
My unit's y axis has a gap between aluminum extrution and the wheel platform, which causes level error during printing.
10 günde teslim aldım. Prosunua geçiş yaptım ve hiç bir sıkıntı olmadı. Kurulum sırasında bazı yerlerinden kabız olabiliyorsunuz ama verdiğiniz paraya değer.
Ottima stampante 3d veloce e con buona qualità di stampa.<br>Facile da assemblare, e accetta una gran quantità di filamenti.
Bought this Printer for my brother.<br>Results are very satisfying considering the price of this printer.<br>Might seem like an amateurish piece of equipment but that is far from the truth.<br>Works wonderfully. Quasi professional in fact.
Hard to rate these as the printer came with one. but a visual inspection looks good.
My first print is in progress and this printer is very stable. Good quality !<br>The community for the CR-10 printer is very large and it is very easy to find accessories to print.
This is a very good printer, I printed objects in 0.075mm and it looks very well !<br>Only two little negative points: the printer is quite noisy and shipping is very long...
Recibí el paquete rápido y contenía todo lo que pedí. Me siento muy satisfecho con esta adquisición y lo recomiendo.
Boa tarde,<br><br>Produto de muito boa qualidade e uma montagem muito fácil. Muito boa para quem não tem muito jeito parta montar tudo peça a peça.
Güzel bir fiyat performans 3D yazıcı.<br>Sadece ana tablanın ortası biraz sıkıntılı.
Fast shipping & easy to set up. Great overall Product
Producto de gran calidad, creality es garantía de un buen articulo, muy contento con la compra
Perfect to work with my printer