EAGET, established in 2004, is the leader brand of portable storage industry, focuses on customers' inner needs, continuously provides fashionable, professional portable storage products, such as U disks, HDD, SSD, wireless storage etc. Security, stability, high speed and big capacity are EAGET's main strategies, and that helps EAGET to dominate the center of many platforms. EAEGT has innovated more than 30 patents of technologies and 50 honors, some technologies reach top level in the world. As a professional manufacturer on IT peripherals, EAGET provides OEM/ODM services for many world-known brands. EAGET products are highly popular at home and abroad now.

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First time buying this kind of new fingerprint USB, not sure if it's good or bad, but it works well. I mean, the fingerprint works, can accurately identify the fingerprint within 0.5 seconds. And as a U disk, it works great too, he read speed and write speed are quite fast, and compatible with lots of systems. So I would say the product works well.<br>The only thing is, the memory is kind of small, but I mean, I already know this before buying it. And the USB doesn't have a hanger, might easy to lose. <br>Well, over, works fine. A quality U disk with high safety assurance.
2 GB Filmi aktarması 4 saniye, tam bir roket verdiğiniz parayı sonuna kadar hak ediyor. Tüm üretim aşamaları sonuna kadar büyük bir titizlikle tasarlanmış. İçnden ayrıca EAGET'in kendi şifreleme sistemi var. En az 6 karakter şifreleyebilirsiniz. Aman dikkat sakın şifreyi unutmayın cihazı kaybederseniz. Şiddetle tavsiye ederim.
Пришел относительно быстро. Работает как ожидалось. Перенес на него систему на компьютере - проверил скорость - пока быстро. Прилагаю видео распаковки и фото с тестами. <br>Брать можно если рядом нет дешевле и с гарантией.
Пот той цене что взял вообще подарок, а так со своей задачей справляеться. Запускал видео прямо с флешки на айпаде и айфоне все ок. Рекомендую через vlc плеер, можно убрать рамки в видео. Со всеми указанными задачами в описании справляеться, из минусов может только размер можно указать, так как есть такая для type c и эта раза в два больше.
nice usb drive,that type-c connector helps with today's gadgets, really nice addition,speeds are good to 30+ read and 21+ write (tested on usb 2.0) usb 3.0 speeds should be even faster,well built feels sturdy !
The flash drive arrived promptly and exactly what I wanted. Well used to share file and nice for storage or transporting information to another system. <br>32GB, 3.0 USB, fingerprint encryption. Everything is excellent!
Funciona muito bem, bem prático. Me ajudou bastante na agilidade de compartilhar arquivos. Não dou 5 estrelas por cause de sua construção. A "tampa" que protege a entrada micro usb é facilmente removível e o "anel" para segurá-lo é muito junto com o pen drive dificultando segurar.
Pendrive Eaget F50 128 GB USB 3.0, porém recebido pendrive de 16GB, fui conferir os dados no site e, na informação de dimensão, que não aparecia na hora da compra, mostra 16GB.<br>Aguardar todo o tempo normal de envio para receber um produto muito inferior ao da propaganda é muito decepcionante...
Igen szép kivitelű, tetszetős kis pendrive elsősorban olyan területre ahol fontos a kis méret! Az írás/olvasási sebesség a leírtaknak megfelelő! Csak ajánlani tudom!
la flash me a gustado mucho ya que cumple con lo que dice en la publicación la huella dactilar funciona muy bien aparte de ser muy elegante
Product & service good as usual, delivered on time and no hassles. Will continue to support and buy from this Supplier.
Molto resistente e comoda da portare in giro con il suo anello<br>Forse un po costosa rispetto ad altre
Achei o produto muito bom em acabamento, embalagem, entrega, funcionalidade etc.<br><br>Gostei muito viu! <br><br>A leitura digital e bastante correta, fácil de configurar.<br><br>Recomendo d+.
Good product, reliable, fast with good design and practical for microusb and usb<br>The "bad side" is that is microusb and that is slowly dissapering, but if you have a device with micro usb, dont doubt it, is the best choice.
besides price, that draws attention for being cheap, this pen drive still manages to be very fast, with a 3.0 usb and 32 gigabytes of memory
Otimo produto, qualidade excelente. A marca apresenta otimos produtos.
Atendeu as expectativas, bom produto!!!!<br>Atendeu as expectativas, bom produto!!!!<br>Atendeu as expectativas, bom produto!!!!<br>Atendeu as expectativas, bom produto!!!!<br>Atendeu as expectativas, bom produto!!!!
This item came as expected, I only had to insert in into my phone to check that it actually works and the storage is 128 GB and it was much cheaper than other options available.
Very good stuff, Unbeatable for this price tag. High quality material, very handy to use with a lot of options. One box fulfils multiple options, no extra stuff is needed.
buena velocidad excelente tiempo de llegada. me encanto el color y la velocidad de paso de informacion
Ottimo acquisto, prezzo davvero eccezionale per una chiavetta sub 3.0 + tour C da 64 Gb. Sono davvero soddisfatto! 1000 stelle!
Lovly chiken... Fast bird... Even better then ordinary card (i.e. NuCard, o-o-oh). Use USB 3.0 card-reader. Arirun!
Produto muito bom entregue antes do prazo previsto e de acordo com as especificações muito satisfeito com a compra!!
Arrivato da poco <br>Non ancora installato <br>La prima sensazione è positivissima<br>Con un poco di tempo. Nuova recensione
Evrything is fine. still working. usb and otg are great. <br>The speed could be better, when transferring larger files
Atende muito bem ao que compete cumprir. Até o momento funcionando perfeitamente.
64gb USB with good quality work fast and nice price
Muy buen producto, llego en el tiempo adecuado, sin fallas, funcionando correctamente. Recomendado
Me gustó su diseño y elegancia<br>Falta probarlo<br>De momento ninguna en contra<br>Lo recomiendo
Klein aber fein super gefällt mir top