Established in 2015 and headquartered in Beijing, China, FIIL designs and produces audio products that accommodate to the needs of massive musicians, who love music and are critical to the quality of sounds. Our core team members include popular rock music artist Wang Feng and experts from top-notched companies like Huawei, Plantronics, Lenovo, BMW, etc. We are committed to making fairly priced, fashionably designed, and most importantly, superiorly sounded products that suit every subtle circumstance, and fulfill every captious need.

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“FIIL devotes to make a change in headphone industry, restoring music original sound, and letting you feel the sound of your heart. Born to listen, FIIL me now.”

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Pro: <br>great audio : with anc off lots of bass, good for movies / anc on, great for music ( more mids )<br>long lasting batt life<br><br>cons:<br>no replacements earpads availeble <br>earpads stitching break fast