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Reasonable price, seriously is very cheap, it is a quality product. The shipping is very fast (around 20 days) It fits perfect on the phone and it's fast and easy to install. I have tested the durability of the product and find out that is very solid, it has a fantastic build quality so it's durable. Smooth touch.<br><br>You can't use a case, because it can stick off. Anyway I really recommend it. Well packed and fast shipping. The best Screen Cover for certain.
This is a very thin flexible film screen protector not a hard glass. Maybe Gearbest better change the description of the item to avoid confusion. This is not hard glass, but if you are using the in screen fingerprint, this may give you a better experience. The film is still give a feel of high quality protection. It's like the old time we use a military grade plastic film screen protection. Thin and good protection.
A película em vidro é item essencial para quem pensar em comprar um smartwatch Honor Magic, pois seu vidro não possui nenhum tipo de proteção de fábrica, embora a borda do relógio seja levemente mais alta que o vidro, a chance de risco é grande.<br>A película acompanha pano de limpeza e retirada de poeira para antes da aplicação. A fixação não é muito fácil pois é preciso retirar a parte protetora da película e "medir" onde colocar no relógio. O tamanho da película não é exato ao do relógio, mas o suficiente para dar total proteção.
The dimensions of the protective glass do not correspond to the actual screen size of this phone model. Does not completely close the screen.<br><br>Размеры защитного стекла не соответствуют действительным размерам экрана данной модели телефона. Не закрывает полностью экран.
Today I have received the package, I will test it immediately, the first impression looks good, it should stay that way, looks robust, visually it looks modern, the quality looks good, the price performance ratio is also good<br>Heute habe ich das Paket erhalten , werde es sofort testen , der erste Eindruck sieht gut aus , das soll auch so bleiben , sieht robust aus , optisch sieht es auch modern aus , die Qualität sieht auch gut aus , der preis Leistung Verhältnis ist auch gut
This screen protector fulfills all my expectation. It covers perfectly my action camera's screen.<br>This screen protector fulfills all my expectation. It covers perfectly my action camera's screen.
Very good glass. Very nice product and very good to use and I am very pleased with the quality and price of the product.<br>I recommend it just buy it from gearbest.<br>Very good protection for smartphone.....<br>...............................<br>I am satisfied...
Je viens de recevoir ces deux antichocs pour mon dernier Galaxy A70 et ils sont arrivés en bon état sans être brisés. Mes félicitations à GearBest pour cette prouesse. Quant aux produits, je peux dire qu'ils sont vraiment conformes à l'écran de mon smartphone. Je ne peux que les recommander à tous ceux qui cherchent un produit de qualité/prix.
It was my fault, i wanted to order a hard protector, not this one. I can't install it without bubbles and the size is a tiny bit smaller than the watch. Still, not that bad.
The glass seems to be very high quality, I've seen some glass that go more close to edges than this one.<br>Don't give 5 stars because it seems to have air in the edges and it doesn't stick.
La Mica es delgada pero cubre perfectamente la pantalla, no es igual de resistente que un cristal templado pero la función de proteger de rayaduras la hace, el pero es que las burbujas tardan demasiado en desparecer incluso llegan a quedarse permanente un par, pero en general cumple su función
These are transparent tempered glass of good quality, only miuns is that it doesnt cover 100% of your screeen, 1-2 mm on the edges remains uncovered
This is definitely the best protective glass I have ever used on my smartphone, it is beautiful in appearance and is of the highest quality without a single flaw. and I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy.
This is a fantastic item. Fits perfectly on my Samsung S7 Edge. Very easy to apply, great price and very good quality. Touch screen responds very well while fitted. This item is essential to keep your phone screen smudge & scratch free.
It gives u perfect protection against scratches and also gives u the sleek look which tempered glass wont give you <br>One packet consist of 2 pcs and 2 dust cloth and 2 dust absorbers
Bad design. Glass doesn't fit screen size. Won't advice anyone to buy it. Also the edge is sharp not comfortable to touch. Product doesn't match it's description.
Bu ekran koruyucu ile kenarlardan ekran okunmuyor ve neredeyse hiç görünmüyor. fakat ekranı fazla kararttığı için ekran ışığını fazla açmak zorunda kalabilirsiniz. Güneşli ortamlarda sorun çıkartabilir.
Hat-Prince Tempered Glass Protective Film for Samsung good price good product<br>Hat-Prince Tempered Glass Protective Film for Samsung good price good product
Hat - Prince Arc Tempered Glass Screen Protective Film good product...Hat - Prince Arc Tempered Glass Screen Protective Film good product...
Tem uma borda preta q da um fit nas bordas do telefone, gostei bem, os cantos ficam bem colados, é 3d mesmo, os cantos não são de vidro mas de uma espécie de material mole com adesivo... Bem bon
Украина. Днепр. Упаковка и товар целые. Качество и комплект хорошие. Заказывал 10.06.2019. Получил на отделении Новой почты 09.07.2019.
Esperaba mejor calidad en el producto , las micas son bastante delgadas, lo que mejora la sensibilidad al tacto y la respuesta del telefono , pero el marco blanco es de plastico , flexible y no tiene pegamento en esa parte ...
Πολύ καλό τζαμάκι προστασίας με ωραία συσκευασία. Είναι λίγο μικρότερο στο μέγεθος αλλά προστατεύει καλά, ίσως είναι λίγο δύσκολο να συνηθίσεις το γεγονός ότι είναι φιμε και κόβει το φως της οθόνης.
Ottimo dispositivo, batteria infinita, buona risoluzione dello schermo ed ottima visibilità soprattutto alla luce. Molto leggero. Dotato di sensore battiti e soprattutto GPS, uno dei pochi modelli dal costo così basso ad includere questa funzionalità. I cinturini sono intercambiabili, veramente ottimo prodotto!
The product is very good I have nothing to reproach as I always satisfied corresponds to everything I saw in the picture materials good usability excellent I am satisfied only recommend
Украина. Днепр. Упаковка потёрта, товар целый. Качество и комплект хорошие. Заказывал 10.06.2019. Получил на отделении Новой почты 25.06.2019.
tam uyumlu ekran koruyuc. LG G7 için tam uyumlu bir koruyucu bulmak gerçekten çok zor. Türkiye'de satılanların çoğu uymuyor. Bu kenarlardan tamamen kaplıyor. hiç boşluk veya fazlalık yok.
i like the case, it's awesome, and the color is wonderful, i recommend it to other
Amazing. I dropped my phone a few times and the screen protected it, slightly breaking its margins instead of the phone's own screen. I will buy a new one for backup.
Me gusto bastante se adapto al reloj sin embargo no es muy fuerte contra caídas, lo uso es para protegerlo de rayones.<br><br>Debería ser un poco más económico <br><br>Llegó en el tiempo estipulado