Innokin is a long-standing brand and manufacturer in electronic cigarettes. Herald for it's premium quality and authentic taste, Innokin is loved by fans around the world. It's global presence extends into the Americas, Europe, and Asia. If you're looking for the best of the best, no need to look elsewhere. Innokin huge range of products offers the best e-cig experience.

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Nice full vape kit for either veterans or starters, it does everything well and GETS IT RIGHT

5 out of 5

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what people are saying
This isn't the prettiest mod and its not very ergonomic but in terms of function its better than most more expensive mods and its really good value for money. And it comes with a good integrated battery which saves even more money. Ive tried a few mtl atomizers running at around 20w with no issues. I also tried a single coil DTL atomizer running at 55w and it worked fine. it seemed to struggle a bit with my dual coil RDA at 80w but it was not bad.<br>Cons:<br>I'm not a fan of the look or feel<br>The 510 pin isn't spring loaded so some tanks won't sit tightly with the mod<br>Pros:<br>Integrated battery<br>very good value<br>suitable for mtl or dtl<br>POWER BANK feature is awesome! (why don't more mods have this)
First time I ordered on this site, and was extremely skeptical. However, I received my items really fast and was the original Manufacturers product in perfect condition. I gave it a 5 star review because of the quick tur around, the perfect condition of the item, and the price was really good
Ich muss sagen das teil ist einfach super<br>Verarbeitung ist sehr gut und kaum besser zu machen<br>keine Kanten und der mod liegt sehr gut in der Hand<br>Batterie wechsel ist einfach <br>Der einzige Nachteil es sind keine Ersatzteile dabei<br>(Feder Gummis usw)<br>Alles in allem kann ich Den Totem empfehlen <br>Ich kauf mir noch einen in einer anderen Farbe
Dieses Gerät ist mein zweites einsteigerset Für mich der ideale Einstieg in die Welt des Dampfens .
Качественный бак, шикарная комплектация, очень продуманный конструктив
********************alles super, wie beschrieben*********************