The jeep rich founded in 2007, is famous for the nianjeep clothing company "China leisure and clothing famous city" ------ shishi; Is a main production of pure cotton water Wash outdoor leisure and leisure clothing company. The main products are: coats, coats, shirts, jackets, cotton-padded clothes , waistcoat, suit, slacks, etc. It is famous for its unique external and excellent performance The world has seen a straight rise in performance as it experienced a second global financial crisis The test of the test and the announcement... Therefore, it is popular among consumers and friends who are keen on outdoor sports. Since 2007, jeep rich has become a symbol of freedom and conquest. It is in infinite life The design of the force, the pursuit of the highest performance in the poor environment. It epitomises people Bold and unyielding, they are seen as a symbol of the spirit of an amateur. We have a lot of customers at home and abroad and we have customers from both the product quality and our service The unanimous praise.

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