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First of all I was disappointed with the processing time. I have made the order at 13/07, with shipping date between 15/07 and 17/07. They have changed 3 times the shipping date and I had to contact the help desk to get a final confirmation. After that the order was created at 27/07, arrived in Europe at 31/07 and in Greece at 12/08. About the product, nothing fancy, a usual transparent glass lens protector, for the rear camera. Very transparent, good fit, feels nice, a little bit pricy. Arrived with its case a bit broken, but sealed and with its contents intact. For Xiaomi Redmi 6. Recommended.
This screen protector is amazing in both look and feel, crystal clear and smooth. I have always chosen not to use a screen protector in the past because the stick on plastic films always felt wrong. They were never smooth feeling like the glass from the phone. That is, until now. This glass screen protector feels just like the actual glass on the phone and cleans just as easy with a quick rub on your shirt. In the past without a protector, over time, even the Apple glass would end up getting fine little scratches and there was nothing that could be done about it. Now, I can simply swap out the protector for a new one and it will be good as new again.
Took me two tried to get it well fixed, but so extremely satisfied with the second one that I had to give it a 5. People... Read the instructions and then apply, they've provided more material than required (didn't use the guide stickers) you just have to be very careful while installing it. If you want to remove it, just push the applied protector from the hole where the flash is placed. You can see in my photos how properly mine is applied. Please don't bully good enterprises cause you couldn't get it right.
while it fit the Samsung Note 8, it is either lifting, or thicker than others I have used..and it takes slightly more pressure to make contact with the screen..not much..but enough to cause a few missed keystrokes occasion. It could also be the deficient cleaning materials time I will just my own alcohol swabs...atleast they are bigger than my pinky nail.. plus side though. it's as described, decent shipping time..and I will purchase another down the road once I have a feel on it durability.
MI9SE's camera sticks out quite a lot, and phone covers doesn't always do a good job leaving the camera flush to the edge of the case. That's where this little lens cover comes into play, it's the best way to leave intact the camera lens. The package includes two wiping cloths, a dust remover and the single camera lens protector. For the best application stick the lens cover to a duct tape and using the edge of the tape align the protector to the camera and push down, it's pretty easy.
Today I have received the package, I will test it immediately, the first impression looks good, it should stay that way, looks robust, visually it looks modern, the quality looks good, the price performance ratio is also good<br>Heute habe ich das Paket erhalten , werde es sofort testen , der erste Eindruck sieht gut aus , das soll auch so bleiben , sieht robust aus , optisch sieht es auch modern aus , die Qualität sieht auch gut aus , der preis Leistung Verhältnis ist auch gut
This is an excellent case for the Xiaomi A2 Lite, looks and feels great, and the quality of the material was surprisingly better than I expected. If you are after a simple case to protect your phone from everyday wear-and-tear this is an good and affordable option.
I bought this screen protector and it arrived relatively quickly. I hadn't any issue with application on my phone screen, but there is one problem. The hole for front camera is on the wrong side. So please next time send me screen protector which have hole on the place where it should be... Here is photo as proof:
The quality is fair for the price. It is a bit difficult to install the glasses in the terms of adjusting the glass to the screen.<br>The quality of the cleaning materials are fair the could me better.
Very good value for money back camera lens protective film. Very good products for very good prices, very helpful staff and accurate delivery times. Very pleased with this company. I will definitely recommend GEARBEST to friends and family.
La funda se ve bien en la foto de la pagina, pero teniendola a la mano le falta algo de calidad por el precio pagado , simplemente hay mejores fundas mucho màs económicas, no es una mala funda pero es cara
minimalistic skin. doesn't protect the edges not the screen from impact screen down. it improves grip in your hand as it's silicone. it adds up to 2 mm on each edge to the dimensions of the phone. holes match.
It's a casual transparent case. Feels good in the hand and makes the grip much better. However the pictures about it, weren't precise so it looked a bit differently compared to what have I anticipated.
great case, very strong, fitz perfectly into my huawei p30 phone. Il will probably buy another one. it is flexible very fast shipping. thanks gearbest!
Very good case for Xiaomi Redmi 6A <br>Really for Redmi 6A<br>Fast shipping<br>Good price<br>I'm satisfied<br>Recommend for all
almost perfect<br>only problem the phone screen edges are a little curved an the glass is not. <br>making an wight unglued edge along the screen<br>at lest i can remove and adjust the glass with ease XD
Very good protector glass for Huawei P30 Lite. the quality is good and it is similar the front one. Very easy to apply it. Great value for money.
Great tempered glass for iPhone 7, great quality for this price. O recomend this product
Great protection at a great price!<br>The item arrived within the expected time. I recommend this to use with a new Xiaomi smartphone to protect the screen and the durability of the product.
Il vetro temperato risulta essere di buona qualità, non da problemi al normale utilizzo del device, non lascia impronte visibile compre sufficiente il telefono. Ok
Excelente produto, nenhum contra. Capinha encaixa bem no celular e, apesar da foto não mostrar bem, deixa o espaço da impressão digital bem confortável. Única ressalva é que, na parte traseira, a parte da câmera não encaixa 100% no molde, mas não atrapalha de forma nenhuma a usabilidade do smartphone.
Tempered glass is great for Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. I buy the second time. I am satisfied with the product.
Gostei bastante, muito bonita. Protege bem e não deixa a câmera exposta. Índico
strange but cool design has good materials you could see the back of your phone cuz is transparentff
Best way to protect my camera since it pops out so much and is easy to scratch. Bought it for my Mi9 too.
Vetro ben fatto, very strong, si adatta perfettamente allo schermo, è resistente ma comunque sensibile al tocco, lo consiglio a tutti.<br>Spedizione rapidissima.
Muy buena por el precio que tienen. Ya he comprado varias fundas de este modelo para distintos teléfonos de Xiaomi. Sin ser las mejores ni la más fina ni bonita... Cumplen su función y son muy protectoras. 5 Star.
Muy buena por el precio que tienen. Ya he comprado varias fundas de este modelo para distintos teléfonos de Xiaomi. Sin ser las mejores ni la más fina ni bonita... Cumplen su función y son muy protectoras. 5 Star.
Excelent cover for p30. I like ir a lot. It protects The mobile Phone and doesn't make The Phone thicker. Also, The Black color makes the Phone Just as like it.
It arrived quickly. Quality of product is awesome, I really recommend this screen protector ! No problem with application.