ZANMAX is a manufacturer specialized in outdoor gear and accessories, mechanical tools and more for repair, renowned for their combination of utility, protection and unparalleled innovation.

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4.8 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 186 reviews

what people are saying
Добротный универсальный ключ. Сделан качественно. Не факт, что использовался хром-ванадиевый сплав, как написано, но в деле зарекомендовал себя не дурно - спецом крутил им анкера без видимых для него последствий.<br>Все упаковано в непритязательную коробочку из плотного картона с поролоном внутри и силика-гелем - для тех, кому это важно либо на подарок.<br>Глубина хода штифтов - порядка 5-7 мм, это следует учесть.<br>Обошелся около $4, недостатков не вижу - всем доволен и рекомендую!
I bought this to use with my BBQ and smoker, so I wanted something that would get a reading fast and accurate. I get a stable reading after about 3 seconds. I like the hold feature it has, I just put the probe in my food and when the temp is stable the Javelin beeps to let me know. The size is good, it is large enough to handle a turkey and the folding probe makes it so I can pocket it as well. Overall I think it is a good thermometer, but it could use a couple improvements that would make it incredible.
It's really compact and of good quality. It also includes stickers for flat ture fix and hooks to remove your ture from your wheel. The carrying case is a nice addition alrlthough I don't use it because I my backpack has a tool compartment. You won't find anything better on this price range. All the famous biking brands overprice their tools just because of a logo. Totally recommending this.
Perfect solution for play music during housework, or when you are relaxing in the bathroom. It is loud enough, and can work for hours (really good battery life).
As my titles states, this screwdriver is great! It works like a charm, it's very precise and the magnetic part works really good (you can see in one of my images one of the screws). The extensible cable also works good. Overall it's great for the price you pay!
Buena navaja. Estética de Buck 110. Buenas terminaciones. Ajustes correctos. Bien afilada. Con funda. Falta saber cómo es de sólida y qué tal el acero. A priori, por lo que cuesta, regalada.
С виксом конечно не сравнить , но что то в нем есть. качество на 4.Ножи заточены хорошо, ножници тоже. коробочта зачет, как подарок пойдет.<br> пусть в машине воляется
Came in a nice paper box. Quite heavy and not that bad balanced. Good grip on it. Quality looks ok. Thick blade.
Ótimo canivete. Realmente gostei do material. Apesar de ser bem pequeno ele ganha muito em versatilidade.
I was quite skeptical before ordering this product
Im amazed by this product. Its so useful. Thank you!! ;)))))