Beautifully crafted and perfectly executed. ZGPAX lineup of smart devices have some of the highest aesthetic values and functions at affordable prices. We appreciate how ZGPAX is able to consistently deliver products that surprises us with its durability and good user experience. It keeps all of their fans coming back for more!

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Good quality watch with some great design and styling, It's easy on the eye, The features of this watch go FAR, The products are of high quality! , By far the best place to look and purchase a smart watch as well as other gear

4 out of 5

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Produto chegou dentro do prazo esperao e funciona muito bem.<br><br>Só o display é pequeno e tenho dificuldade de ler mensagens.<br>Outro detalhe, é que não consegui acrescentar novas skins.
muito bom, só a entrada do cartão de memoria não pega, em todos que eu comprei veio com esse problema